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Toyota Rush 2018 Test Drive: Feels Better

Who is curious about the All New Toyota Rush? Not only you, we too. On January 9 to 10, 2018, the Toyota Astra Motor Indonesia provided us with a valuable opportunity. 32 other media crew to experience what it was like to drive the All New Toyota Rush. For units to be used by the media crew in the All New Toyota Rush Test Drive session with the title ‘Discover Your Freedom’ itself is all the highest type of All New Toyota Rush TRD Sportivo type.


As we know that, the Toyota Rush 2018 has some significant change points. Such as the loss of condensed tires and the appearance of the now more felt MPV than the true SUV. First saw this Low SUV, then the first thing we have in mind is ‘Wow’. Why? Yes clearly because the figure of the All New Toyota Rush is very much different from its predecessor. The figure of the SUV from its predecessor has now turned into a crossover that has a modern high style. But because the unit we will use this is a TRD Sportivo variant. Then some parts will not be left plain just like that.

test drive

Yup, the front bumper and rear bumper is now made with a more firm line draw. Including with a dark gray front-side underguard. In addition, the use of grille with black chrome color also looks more saucy than the chrome version of Terios-style chrome. Rear-view mirror now also looks more beautiful with a more tapered design and also equipped with lights turn signal.

The Use of Body Molding on the Side

But there are two things that seem somewhat fitting in our opinion, namely the use of body molding on the side that impressed ‘force’ and also add on the housing fog-lamp that looks protruding out. This car wheels alone up one level from its predecessor, and must have been dual tone with a normal design.

The rear side of this car is not as beautiful as the front design. The lights that extend up to the trunk door make us dejavu with LMPV neighbor brands. However, when the car is driven at night. The rear lights look beautiful thanks to the use of LED-tech lights. Both rear lights and brake lights. Parking camera and parking sensors have become standard in this car, just for the guide line absent in camera parking.

One thing to be proud of by the Toyota is the use of the fin signature on the back side. If you do not know what is the fin signature, just look at the back of this car. Then see the wing on the left right attached to the rear mirror. Again, up from the manufacturer CUV next door. Not to forget the underguard is also present in the rear bumper of this car with a color similar to the front side. The antenna is already shark fin. Yes, already 2018 too.

Let’s Test Drive

Well, it’s time to get into the interior of this car to start driving it, and we’re greeted by totally new interior, and leave no identity from the old Toyota Rush. The driving position of the new Toyota Rush is somewhat commanding and high. We ourselves have the opportunity to use All New Toyota Rush both manual versions and automatic versions, and let us start with the automatic version.

There is a difference that feels when bringing Toyota Rush 2018 compared with its predecessor. This time the All New Toyota Rush has a suspension that is more rigid than the old version. But still in a reasonable stage, when bulldoze the ugly streets of this car is more stable. All New Toyota Rush also has a lightweight wheel, but the pedal feel this car is very ordinary. When stepping on the gas pedal of the All New Toyota Rush, the sensation of the car now began to feel, rather jump.

Steering Wheel

Thanks to the steering wheel lightly, obviously maneuvering in urban is not a problem, let alone the radius of his turn is now improved by 5.2 meters. But there is one small detail that we encountered while driving, where the sun visor of this car is quite disturbing visibility to the fore when used, this happens because the position of this car is a bit high. But you can slightly outsmart by setting the seat height adjuster. In addition, this car also finally has a tilt steering, although seat belt height adjusters even absent.

For cabin, this car is quite ordinary, because the sound of the engine and the sounds from under the still quite disturbing. Especially if you are happy to accelerate, in the round of 1900 to 2,000 rpm engine sound began to enter, and his voice is still exactly the same as Avanza.

For the brakes themselves the character is not that sensitive, because to stop this car with a steady, we need to step on the brakes a little deeper. As for the manual transmission variant, the clutch pedal of the All New Toyota Rush is very light, and easy to make the movement smoothly. Case transmissions, we ourselves feel that the three-pedal variant can provide better power delivery compared to the prehistoric automatic transmission … Sorry, we mean the four-speed historic Toyota.

High Speed

When walking at high speed, and cornering the car is still experiencing symptoms of body roll is tolerable. No wonder, because of its high posture, there is this car has symptoms as unpredictable as it can be predicted, but it all feels better than the old variant.

During the drive, there is an interesting side of the instrument panel, although the MID is given a little less, but there are features of the Eco indicator bar that can show how efficient this car is driven, the more bars are lit then the more efficient this car, nice.

Satisfied with driving this car, we shifted to the second row. In this second line, the problem is actually present where the cabin feels narrow, but if observed – distance distance and distance of the head with our 168cm height is still very relieved. But the shape of the roof, the presence of double blowers are large enough and also the small windows make people – people who suffer from claustrophobia will think again to get into the cabin. There are different between “feels narrow” and “it is narrow”.


But for the accommodation business, we give two thumbs up for the All New Toyota Rush. In the pocket of the door there is a side pocket that is relieved with a cup holder, there are even two cup holder on the top and bottom. While on the middle side there is no armrest, but replaced with a headrest for the middle passenger is adjustable. An exciting feature is also present in the All New Toyota Rush, where every seat-belt will get an indicator being used or not.

But there is little ‘lack’ in this feature, where the passengers in the second and third row must use the seat-belt from the beginning so the system can read whether passengers release the seat-belt or not. If from the beginning passengers do not use seat-belt, the system will be silent. But if the seat-belt is used, and released while the car is running, there will be a sound warning.

The second line of the All New Toyota Rush is also given comfort with the power outlet, but there is only one fruit. The third row itself is not a fairly comfortable part, but it’s still okay to be occupied than the previous generation. As for the baggage was still in the usual category, at least still have luggage. When the car is driven at night, perform LED lights are quite good, plus its auto-lamp feature. Oh yes, thanks to siren sir, for this time Toyota Rush trunk door opened it up, not the side.

Conclusion from this Test Drive

In general, the All New Toyota Rush comes with a number of changes that are quite encouraging to consumers. Although the engine and transmissions still need to be developed further, but the driving character and also the suspension is much improved compared with the previous generation. Not to mention the aspect of functionality that is present in the cabin of this car, although in general this car feels high and also a bit narrow.

Improved handling and turning radius became more of a value than the All New Toyota Rush, in general this car became eligible for those who wanted the Toyota Avanza, but with better features, higher posture, and certainly a safety feature the best in class as well.

Some people may argue, why in many outcomes that compare All New Toyota Rush with Mitsubishi Xpander? Are they different class? Yes, you are right, both are different classes. But both have characteristics that combine the benefits of two segments, MPV and SUV.

All New Toyota Rush became a SUV that similar to MPV, while Mitsubishi Xpander became the MPV similar to SUV. So whether the two can be compared? We think we can. What do you think? Wanna know about All New Toyota Rush? Try it with test drive first.

What We Like

+ Handling

+ Radius Play

+ More Stable Suspension

+ Safety Features

+ Abundant Storage Place

+ Auto-lamp

What We Do not Like

– Engine Sound

– Machine Character & Transmission Slow

– AC Double Blower Old Age

– Dampness of the Cabin

– The ‘Narrow’ Cabin

– Add On Body Side…

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