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Advantages and Disadvantages of Auto Transport

When a company proposes to send a merchandise, it searches for the type of transport that offers the most effective service, the most punctual and that guarantees the full arrival of the material in question.

Auto transport, advantages and disadvantages

In Spain, statistics say that auto transport services is preferred, ahead of that produced with rail, aircraft and seaways. Our country accounts for almost 11{4265036b7abe82eac1ee976f255a6fcf6680ee47ac4ba25925dd9c8d2d24f98f} of all auto transport in the European Union and is, in terms of millions of tones transported by kilometers, the second in the European ranking.

Advantages of auto transport

Speed. For urgent services up to 2,500 kilometers, automobile transport service is unmatched. It is the fastest and most effective, therefore, in the short and medium distance.

Door-to-door service. The possibility of loading a merchandise in the same door of the company that wants to make the shipment and arriving at the warehouse of the destination company is a differential value compared to that other types of transport cannot compete.

Flexibility. Do you have to make a delivery of a cargo whose order has arisen at the last moment? With just one person and a vehicle, that merchandise can reach its destination in just a few hours, without relying on pre-determined routes. Neither does it influence whether it is a holiday or special dates. If you have to deliver a commodity, for example in an industrial estate, and pick another one in another company of the polygon, it can be done without difficulty. Thus, both schedules and prices always offer a wide margin of negotiation.

The most economical. Compared with the rest of transport, its costs are many smaller. One of the compelling reasons is that the purchase of vehicles requires a significantly lower outlay. In addition, public infrastructures are used whose growth and maintenance is not directly contributory, as is the case with the railroad (although indirectly, through the payment of taxes).

Safety and adaptability. Unlike air transport, which restricts the movement of certain dangerous goods, wheeled vehicles are suitable for any type of cargo and offer all safety guarantees.

Personal supervision. The driver is responsible for the merchandise and personally takes care that it is not damaged by impact or friction with other pallets. It also ensures that no leaks or leaks occur and, if necessary, make additional packaging to reinforce the protection.

Location and tracking. The new GPS and other location systems allow you to always know where the merchandise is located. This causes that if there is an incidence of any type, such as a fault, another vehicle can go and resume the journey.

Disadvantages of auto transport

Casualty. Although year on year the number of accidents on Spanish roads with trucks involved low, compared to other transport methods has more accidents. The aerial is the transport with less accidents to the year, followed by the sea and the railroad.

It is not the one that can carry the most cargo. The volume of cargo is not comparable with that of maritime transport, which is the largest capacity, followed by rail and aircraft.

Pollutant. Emissions and noise pollution are two disadvantages that are attributed to this type of transport, which has nevertheless made a leap in efficiency and emission reduction with modern engines. Other new ones, such as natural gas, and advances in biofuels, as well as the use of recyclable materials and the expansion of greenways, are progress towards greater sustainability.

Restrictions. Dense traffic and withholdings can become your worst enemy, especially in access to cities and polygons. It is primarily responsible for the delayed arrival of the cargo. However, professionals increasingly rely on technology assistants to anticipate these incidents and opt for alternative ways to arrive on time.…